Our latest briefcase - Maximising TA impact

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Ofsted does not provide detailed guidance on how Teaching Assistants’ work will be assessed. Instead, inspectors will look at the contributions TAs – along with the rest of the adults in the school – make to pupils’ learning.

But how can we maximise the impact TAs have on students’ achievement and wellbeing? And in these difficult economic times, how can we give TAs the opportunities they need to develop their confidence, skills and experience?


In our latest Manager's Briefcase...

We provide a selection of pro formas adapted from the resources David Jones put together for the TAs in his school (see ‘Making the most of your TAs’ in issue 5.3 of School Leadership Today). These documents are designed to help TAs record achievements and objectives, share their best ideas and reflect upon their own practice.

The key recommendations document (Briefcase 5) includes some advice for teachers on the deployment of TAs and what can be done to develop their preparedness and practice. These recommendations have been adapted from ‘Maximising the Impact of Teaching Assistants’ by Russell, Webster and Blatchford (2012).

The document, 'Weekly Reflections: Sharing Best Practice' is open access and free to print and download.

To download the documents, follow the links below:
Briefcase 1:The Penny Drops! But where do we go from here?
Briefcase 2: Weekly Reflections: Sharing Best Practice (Open access)
Briefcase 3: TA Shared Lesson Reflections
Briefcase 4: TA Shared Lesson Reflections (Guide to completion)
Briefcase 5: Key recommendations


You can download the full Manager's Briefcase here.