Teaching Times author reviewed in Gifted Education International

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Author Ann O’Hara and the team here at Teaching Times were pleased to see a review of our primary leadership toolkit, Learning and Assessment Pathways, published in peer-reviewed journal, Gifted Education International.

Learning and Assessment Pathways (LAPs) is a primary leadership toolkit, created to assist leaders in securing cohesive and effective assessment practices that make a real difference to learning and outcomes.

The magazine's editor, Belle Wallace, who reviewed the toolkit, agreed that Ann has achieved this objective, commending the toolkit for its incisiveness, coherency and ‘absolute clarity’ in regards to summative and formative assessment.

There was even praise for its wonderful design, which allows schools to pin down exactly what is needed to improve their assessment practice. Belle commented: ‘The text is beautifully colour-coded and clearly laid out, making it an easily negotiated reference. Schools can identify their successes and choose the colour-coded pathway that suits their developmental needs.’

Ensuring this flexibility for different school contexts was one of Ann’s key aims when developing the toolkit. It was important to her that the leaders who use LAPs have complete ownership of the changes they’re making, so that assessment practices are effective for the specific needs of pupils in their school.

Belle picked up on this particular attribute of the toolkit, saying: ‘It is truly a document that empowers teachers to make informed, professional decisions, and so to become "master educators", rather than technicians following set, and often immutable, procedures.’

Belle concluded: ‘I commend this guidance document as an excellent tool – its sound research base, clear guidelines, immediate relevance and practicality make it an essential document for all teachers and teacher-trainers.’

What practical outcomes have been achieved by schools using LAPs?

The review also features extracts from the leaders of three schools who are currently making use of LAPs. They provide exciting and practical accounts of the real impact the toolkit is having on their assessment practice and pupil outcomes.

Edited version of these extracts will appear, with permission from Gifted Education International, in the January 2016 edition of School Leadership Today. Watch this space!

For more information or to order your own copy of Learning and Assessment Pathways, please visit the TeachingTimes Bookshop.

December 2015

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