JONK™ - Learning to Learn Week

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Introducing the JONK™ LTLW

Launching the academic year with a dedicated Joy of Not Knowing™ Learning to Learn Week (JONK™ LTLW) is a fabulous way of ensuring that, from the outset, all students are and feel as ‘incredibly skilled’ and intrinsically motivated learners, in the knowledge that the JONK™ LTLW has equipped them with all the skills, tools and dispositions that will ensure that they are successful as learners during the year and for the rest of their lives.

The JONK LTLW presents us with a wonderful opportunity to share with the children all the tools, initiatives, behaviours and dispositions that enables them to become ‘incredibly skilled’ at learning and as individuals.

This structure and these ideas are not designed to be prescriptive, but rather as a way of offering each school the opportunity to discuss, adapt and shape the JONK™ LTLW according to each school’s individual visions, priorities and passions:

1. The Joy of Not Knowing
a. Values and the Classroom as Community of Learning
b. Personal Learning Models
c. Whole School Models of Learning
d. Should I Know Everything
e. Loving not Knowing
2. Start them Thinking and Keep them Thinking
a. Thinking Skills Starters
b. Thinking Blackboard
c. Challenge and Intellectual Playfulness
d. Thinking Skills through Home Learning
e. Image of the Week and Poem of the Week
f. De Bono’s Hats and PMIs
3. Making Thinking Visible
a. Mind Mapping
b. Concept Lines
c. Fortune Lines
d. Traffic Lights
e. Thinking Pages
f. Blogging as Window to the World
4. Philosophical Enquiry
a. The Classroom as a Community of Enquiry
b. A Philosophical Approach to the Curriculum
c. Philosophy at Home and at School (Why Books)
d. Open Ended Challenge (Investigations)
5. Becoming a Lifelong Learner
a. Lifelong Learning Dimensions
b. Lifelong Learning Partners
c. Linking the Dimensions to Animals and to Values
d. The Dimensions as Problem Solving Tools
For more information on JONK, download the full article here!

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