Welcome to Manager's Briefcase

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If you've not come across the Manager's Briefcase before you are in for a pleasant surprise. Every month, this site will be refreshed with new pro formas, exemplars, model policies and summary documents to help you manage your school.

Whilst we appreciate that every school is unique, these ready-made templates and time-saving resources can be downloaded from our website and modified to suit your own school.

To access all the documents and proformas provided on this page, you will need to subscribe to School Leadership Today, Professional Development Today and Leadership Briefings, or alternatively, subscribe to the Professional Learning Community to gain access to every article and resource in our entire library!

Look out for articles marked 'Open Access' though, as you do not have to be a subscriber to access these. The top two articles are always free to everyone, but will only be open access for a limited period of time. Check back here for regular updates!

If you are an education practitioner and would like to share your resources, please contact us at maisie@imaginativeminds.co.uk.