Government could do more to find jobs

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New research shows that 73 per cent of 16-18 year olds believe the government is not doing enough to help them find a job.

With the introduction of the Future Jobs Fund and Apprenticeship Expansion Programme, the government is ploughing significant investment into apprenticeship schemes to provide young people with funded training that will make them immediately qualified to seek employment in many industries.

Unfortunately 54 per cent of the young people questioned by Lifetime did not know about this. 8 out of 10 said they received no information from a career advisor, teacher or parent about apprenticeship opportunities. 67 per cent also admitted that they would have no idea where to go to find out about apprenticeships.

Most 16-18 year olds, however, do seem to have a reasonable understanding of what an apprenticeship is. 84 per cent know that an apprenticeship scheme involves on-the-job training and provides an opportunity to earn and learn at the same time. They feel positively about this vocational approach to training with 80 per cent happy to consider this form of training.

Nigel Wallace, Director of Training at Lifetime said: “While it is encouraging that a high percentage of young people view apprenticeships as a credible and effective route to employment, it is disappointing that they are not receiving enough information on the vast array of opportunities available and how to get started.”

“With youth unemployment at its highest since the mid-1990s, on-the-job training is ideal for teenagers looking to gain experience and qualifications while earning money. The fitness and leisure industry has enjoyed a 2 per cent growth despite the recession and vocational training is looked upon very favourably by the sectors large employers.”