Getting kids cooking

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Topologika Software have teamed up with Anastasis Ltd to bring schools a new software resource in response to Ed Balls announcement that cooking will become compulsory for 11-14 year olds from 2011. Cooking is already compulsory in primary schools.

The software - called Captain Cook's Tuck Box - will offer 200 pupil-designed recipes, such as Worm Pie, Caterpillar Salad and ‘Dog’ Biscuits,  plus ideas for festivals.

The Cookbook section has Beginners, Junior and Senior options with printable recipes for different age groups. The Recipes section provides a search engine for linked work in ICT that encourages pupils to design their own recipes.
Menus introduces food combinations and has a tool for designing party menus. An extensive Library offers food dictionaries, good-food and menu guides, health and hygiene tips and 32 ‘how to’ skills videos. Ideal for interactive whiteboards and cookery clubs this stimulating software saves preparation and planning time, is easy to install, networkable and comes with useful configuration options.

Pupil progress tracking includes a course of 15 graduated recipes covering most of the basic cookery skills. Pupils’ names are easily added, and detailed KS 1-3 lesson plans provide pre-set activities. There’s also built-in help, info on starting a cookery club, progress certificates, lesson plans, d.i.y. cookery books, a health genie giving tips on balanced-diets, and an optional ‘parrot’ who tells food jokes.

Sample packs are available by emailing:

The government's full £56.3m package to recruit specialist teaching assistants and train staff to run practical cooking lessons includes:

  • £2.1m new investment over the next two years to recruit and train 750 specialist higher-level teaching assistants to help run classes;
  • £1.2m for a new continuous professional development programme for train 400 existing teachers to teach practical cooking classes – to increase the number of teachers trained to deliver food technology;
  • £53m for new practical cooking spaces in schools – with £300,000 grants each over the next two years for 170 secondary schools. It is the first tranche of funding from the £150m announced in September 2008 for 515 secondary schools which have no facilities at present – the Government is writing to local authorities today to urge them to bid for the remaining schools.