Over 15,000 GCSE exam grades are changed

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Ofqual has published new statistics showing that around one in six GCSE grades - totalling 15,000 grades altogether - were altered ast year as the number of queries from schools rose.

Following last summer's exams, secondary schools in England, Wales and Northern Ireland submitted 94,817 GCSE grades for remarking ((15.8%) up from 85,981 in 2008.

The official statistical report on results and appeals reveals that there were more than 6 million GCSEs and over 2 million A and AS level subject entries in summer 2009. The majority of enquiries about results are requests for a review of marking where schools or colleges queried around 1.5% of GCSE subject entries and 1% of A level unit entries.

Ofqual has also revealed that 53,524 A-level grades were re-marked last year, resulting in just over 6000 (11.5%) being changed.

Of these, 14,157 A-level grades were submitted as a high priority to be re-marked, because teenagers were waiting on the results to confirm places at college or university. This was an increase from 12,998 submissions in 2008.

Of those submitted as a high priority following the 2009 exams, 10% were changed. This is compared to 1,202 that were changed in 2008.

Ofqual chair Kathleen Tattersall said: “As regulator it is our role to ensure that fair systems are in place and that these are followed correctly. We are continuing to regulate awarding organisations to check that they have good quality assurance systems in place to ensure that any incorrect marking is quickly identified.”

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