Free CVs for school leavers

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News that the class of 2010 is facing the most intense scramble in a decade to get a job this summer has prompted a UK retailer to launch a free CV service.

Following the results of a poll by the Association of Graduate Recruiters, which revealed that the number of applicants for each vacancy has surged to nearly 70, Staples is introducing a free CV printing service in its 137 stores across the country.

The retailer hopes that the initiative will help both graduates and school leavers in their quest for work.

Staples spokesperson, Louise Rowles said: “There’s no doubt that competition in the jobs market is fiercer than ever. Last year there were about 48 applicants for each vacancy and this has now risen to nearly 70, which is clearly very challenging.

“Although we can’t solve the problem we hope that by printing people’s CVs for free we are least helping to ensure they present a professional image at no cost to them."
The Staples Free CV initiative is open to anyone who is currently looking for a new job.

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