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Every Child Journal is a new publication that uniquely provides solutions across the education, health and care sectors, to help professionals improve the life chances of vulnerable children. The journal will be your professional handbook, informing, updating and developing school and agency leadership as it implements the Government’s ‘Children’s Plan’ and responds creatively to the 21st Century Schools White Paper.

Each issue of Every Child Journal features case studies of interventions to support individual or groups of children aged 0-16, who are socially disadvantaged, vulnerable to abuse or bullying, have health issues, are looked after, or who have learning or emotional and behavioural problems. Some of the most renowned professionals and researchers in the fields of education, care and children’s health offer expert support and writing on the emerging developments on the ground for improving children’s life outcomes. Click here for the Editorial Synopsis for Every Child Journal that highlights the main editors along with summaries of future articles.



Every Child Journal disseminates best practice and expert advice in order to:

  • Inform you how to audit, understand and respond to the needs of vulnerable children.
  • Recognise social, learning and emotional problems and to intervene appropriately.
  • Guide you through the complex issues of safeguarding children, including legal requirements, information sharing and confidentiality.
  • Share effective and innovative interventions and special pedagogic approaches.
  • Explore school wide projects, policies and high impact staff development programmes which improve outcomes for vulnerable children.
  • Report on more effective forms of inter-agency working.

Regular sections of Every Child Journal include: early problem recognition, developing core learning skills, new specialist pedagogies, supporting children with social and emotional problems and physical and mental health issues, safeguarding children, working with parents, community cohesion, managing physical disability and conditions, and information management. There is also an influential research section, supported by the National Foundation for Education Research, CfBT, and the Centre for Educational Leadership.

Every Child Journal is specifically written for:

  • Headteachers
  • Social workers
  • Deputy/Associate Heads
  • Children’s Services Officers
  • SENCOs
  • Children’s Team Members
  • ECM Coordinators
  • Children’s Health Professionals
  • Learning Mentors
  • Children’s Trusts Administrators
  • Early Years Professionals
  • Police Safeguarding Officers
  • Healthy Schools/PSHE Coordinators
  • Advisors, Inspectors & Consultants, Trainers

Alongside the Journal you can also subscribe to the Every Child Update, a monthly e-bulletin, which is emailed direct to your inbox, providing additional legal briefings, official report summaries and research findings, training programmes and courses.

Click here for the Editorial Synopsis for Every Child Journal that highlights the main editors along with summaries of future articles.

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