Enterprising people are flocking back to the classroom

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Teacher training course providers in Yorkshire have seen increases in the numbers of people making the leap from their long term job to apply to become teachers.

Rotherham Ready, an enterprise education project, and Sheffield Hallam University have developed training modules that introduce early years, primary and secondary teachers to enterprise while they are still studying.

The project allows people who have worked in business and industry to retrain as teachers in Yorkshire so that they retain their enterprise skills.

New models of training have been developed by the project which will utilise the skills that these teachers bring with them.

A pilot of 45 primary teachers and 72 secondary trainee teachers from Sheffield Hallam University have taken part in new ‘enterprise teaching and learning enhancements’ where they learn how to develop enterprise through the curriculum.

Catherine Brentnall, Rotherham Ready ERDF Project Officer, said: “It is no surprise that the numbers of people wanting to retrain as teachers is rising. People are looking for longevity in their career and see teaching as a viable option.

“We have developed the Inspire ITT programme to deliver innovative ways of creating a culture of enterprise in education and people who bring skills from the world of industry and business will be a real boost to this.

“This has been piloted at Sheffield Hallam University and means that we can instil enterprise into the minds of new teachers and switch them on to its impact at the start of their careers.

“We have been working for the last four years to create an enterprising culture in Rotherham and the town is now internationally recognised as a Centre of Excellence for its enterprise teaching and learning. The funding means that we can strategically embed enterprise into the fabric of what teachers learn beyond the borough now too.

“It is really exciting that once qualified, these teachers will be taking their enterprise skills and enthusiasm across the country. So while the idea was born in Rotherham and the teacher training students will visit Rotherham Schools to see enterprising work in action, the outcome will be that they will then be educating children across Great Britain and helping to foster an enterprising culture for the future,” added Catherine.

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