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Getting started with the new Computing Curriculum

From e-Learning Update

This is the first video in a seven-part series, produced exclusively for subscribers to e-Learning Update. But...

This video is open access. So you can watch it absolutely free of charge!

Follow this link to find out how you can access the remaining six tutorials, for the equivalent value of just  £2.00 a week for primary schools or £3.00 for secondary schools.*  

Join Chris Thomas, year 6 teacher, ICT Subject Leader and creator of, for this video tutorial that unravels the programming aspect of the new Computing Curriculum. (Opens in a new window)

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You’ll need the password: teachingtimes1 

What are the other 6 videos about?

Chris has broken down the most common questions about ICT in schools into six more online videos and articles, only available to e-Learning Update subscribers.

These will cover: 

How to really make your whiteboard use 'interactive'
Looking at how to make prepared whiteboard files more than just PowerPoint equivalents, use embedding multimedia, linking to website, using page elements to reveal content during a lesson

How to use technology to encourage student participation
Looking at using surveying tools, such as and Google Forms, to gather feedback from students, not just during lessons but via homework assignments too.

How to use technology to help gather and organise ideas
Learn about using mind mapping tools, some of which also enable collaborative contribution, enabling multiple students to add to it at the same time

How to use a visualiser to aid formative assessment and teaching
Mark work with the class by pairing up visualisers and whiteboard software, so you can easily share examples of excellent work / modelling examples

How to use multimedia as an alternative method of recording work
Help your pupils to record their ideas and demonstrating their knowledge in different ways, using video editing tools, such as iMovie

How to make the most of mobile technology in the classroom
Different ideas for add online resources to teacher worksheets and homework assignments by creating links using QRCodes

How can I access the rest of the series?

e-learning updateThe remaining videos will be published in e-Learning Update, alongside six articles that compliment the online content and help give richer answers to these topics.    

e-Learning Update is the most economical and easy way to keep on top of new studies and research about teachnology in education, as well as teaching initiatives, current and future technology, and ideas on how to use it.

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