Hello from the new editor of Every Child Journal

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Dear Reader,

I wanted to introduce myself and let you know how Every Child Journals’ new focus will help you manage provision for your SEN pupils.

A voice for SEN

As the journal’s new editor, my two main aims are to ensure that Every Child Journal will help your school as it works to improve SEN practice, and that it makes your SEN team’s life easier!

This is why I am very keen that the journal reflects much more of the voice of the practitioner.

Every Child Journal will give you lots of real-life advice on implementing SEN reform. You will find news about how the reforms are developing, as well as innovative ways that schools like yours are finding to overcome difficulties.

Ofsted will be another continuous theme, with resources to help you prepare for inspections, and lots of case studies of good practice from other schools.

This means that Every Child Journal will give you a single source of expertise, where you can access a growing stock of clear, readable advice that answers the pressing challenges that real schools are experiencing.

Supporting the whole child

While the main focus will be firmly on SEN and its practical application in schools, you will also find authoritative information on safeguarding, behaviour, pupil welfare, emotional wellbeing and pastoral concerns.

In up-coming issues, you will find clear, practice-based expertise on different vulnerable groups. For example, our first issue considers the needs of children with a parent in the Armed Forces, refugees and young carers.

We’ll be picking up some important emerging themes too. The first issue covers concerns about managing behaviour and approaches that you can take to safeguarding children with autism.

In fact, every edition of the journal will have a good mix of longer articles that will dig deeper into each issue, as well as shorter pieces to give you clear, straightforward advice that will help you respond quickly to challenges.

3 extra issues

As well as changing the magazine to better reflect your own concerns about SEN, we have added three extra issues a year, so you will know that the best practice you are accessing is timely and covers the topics that concern you now.

I’m already working on the next issue of Every Child Journal, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you!

Yours sincerely,

Suzanne O’Connell
Editor of Every Child Journal

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