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Imaginative Minds at the

Creativity and Innovation


Come and see us on Stand 12

Imaginative Minds Ltd, publisher of Creative Teaching and Learning magazine offers a wide range of online journals and information services, books and resources, helping to make education more imaginative and inspiring.

Our journals, books and resources support professional development, to innovate and enhance the teaching of creative and thinking skills in the classroom. There is no better to place to start than with Intelligent Learning. This is a teaching practice course on DVD, offering an enquiry based dialogic approach for the whole curriculum, in which the developing questioning capability of the children gives them ownership of the subjects they are discussing and can allow them to lead their own learning of the curriculum.

The role of imagination and story telling (theorised so brilliantly by Kieran Egan) is strongly represented in our packs Arctic Stories, A River Child and Who’s Running the Country? They also employ Community of Enquiry, the approach adopted by Philosophy For Children to underpin the teaching of cross-curriculum projects.

The approaches summarised above could be described as Learner-Led Learning. But within this we must recognise the role of teachers in investing children with basic cognitive and conceptual tools and with knowledge. Listening, speaking, and visual literacy skills form a strong element to our publications, as do writing and debating skills.  Our best selling range of six Listening Skills books (three of which have a focus on Maths), have proved a huge success in helping teachers develop effective listening skills for children with a range of abilities.

A creative curriculum, is active, led as far as possible by the students and involves the acquisition of knowledge but in a context-relevant way. It requires teachers to be far more creative than does traditional teaching, and this is very much in evidence in Learning Without Limits, which uses art to develop critical and creative thinking.

We hope that with these products we have provided a platform for that creativity to take flight!


Intrinsic Motivation is a consultancy specialising in culture change in schools and pedagogic approaches which motivate young learners, even the most resistant. Our mission is to help schools create a generation of independent and able learners and we are committed to empowering school leaders to achieve this by innovating in the way that schools are run, and by encouraging their teachers to innovate in the classroom in order to unlock the potential in their pupils.

We believe this is particularly important in an education system, which is now struggling to deliver the consistently high standard of independent thinking, and self-belief demanded of students in Higher Education and employment.

The one thing that’s distinguishes every really outstanding classroom is that every pupil’s internal motivation to learn is activated. We also are certain that the principles and practices that allow this to happen can be learnt by most teachers, if the right information and support is provided. Imaginative Minds produces some of the best materials on these topics in the market today and the Professional Learning Community is a great way to access these materials for use by all in your school.

The key factor in facilitating this classroom culture is leadership that creates and maintains a culture in which the state of intrinsic motivation is found and maintained by staff and students alike. This state when achieved within a school is mutually reinforcing – motivated children motivate staff and vice versa. Giving leaders, staff and students tools with which to measure and improve culture is the second core part of our offer. When such a culture is in place – the ideas, knowledge and practices published by Imaginative Minds becomes invaluable to staff and students.

Our consultancy offers both the tools and the consultancy support in a cost-effective and practical package to allow leadership to assess cultural issues and guide the school culture through effective intervention. We offer a range of consultancy options and training to achieve this and have considerable experience of tailor-making our approach to the particular circumstances and capacity of each school or collaborative of schools. Our offer includes an advanced leaders programme suitable for all middle and senior leadership, which has proved to be an effective way of changing the culture and capacity to change, of schools in many different contexts.

In our presentation we will share the details of our approach, which we have found successful, in creating sustainably outstanding schools in the most challenging of circumstances.  We will share some of the models we use and discuss with you the options available for engaging with our approach as a collaborative or as part of our network of schools.

Presenters will be:
Nick Zienau – Director of Intelligent Action Ltd – an independent education consultant for 21 years working internationally and in the UK on leadership and excellence in education, Chair of the Society of Education Consultants.

Howard Sharron – Author and Publisher – CEO of Imaginative Minds and author of Changing Children’s Minds: Feuerstein’s revolution in the teaching of intelligence.

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