Climbing Frames assessment tool

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Climbing Frames

6 ways Climbing Frames helps you track pupil progress 

1) It is the only system that has pre-levels for children that will fall behind the starting point of the new National Curriculum levels 

It is also the only system that tracks cognitive development, through its Thinking and Learning Climbing Frame.

2) It allows you to track pupils who are slipping behind or racing ahead of their cohort year 

One of the strengths of the system is that it can easily indicate children moving ahead or behind their cohort year. This will support differentiated teaching and learning for the more, and less, able.

3) It's manageable because it tracks progress against key objectives

Objectives have been selected because they are markers of significant progress. 

They have been arranged and sub-divided into year-by-year steps to assist fine judgements.

4) It makes room for the teacher's professional judgement

Children do not always learn in a linear way, and mastery is not always instant. This scheme allows teaches to flex judgements to reflect how far children have secured their objectives e.g. whether they have made clear early progress, substantial progress or whether they have mastered them. 

Schools can opt to use a special utility for counting up individual objectives achieved, generating summaries that give managers a fine-grained view of strengths and weaknesses in learning.

5) It’s big on data 

As well as tracking progress for each pupil, you will be able to get class, cohort and whole school reports, filtered for gender, ethnicity, special needs, pupil premium and free school meals.

6) But small on cost 

We wanted to make sure that it is affordable for all schools, and to create a community of users with common assessment practices and standards.

That's why the a year's access to the app is only £2.00 + VAT per child, with a minimum cost of £250 + VAT. 

Praise for Climbing Frames

“We have seen a large number of systems, and Climbing Frames is by far the best of breed. Its Pre-levels – for those children caught below the start of the new National Curriculum – and its Cognitive Development Framework show how well thought out it is. We would recommend our schools to subscribe.”
Professor Sonia Blandford, CEO of Achievement For All 
“Fantastic!’ were the words from the headteacher of one of our schools as soon as she started engaging with the Climbing Frames materials. Clear, focused and common sense guidance that is based on national expertise immediately made colleagues feel secure in the next phase of assessment within the new curriculum.”
David Hilton, Head of Curriculum and Standards at Active Learning Trust

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If, for some reason, you feel that the product is not suitable, simply post it back to us (it will cost about £3 P&P). On receipt of the returned pack we will cancel the invoice.

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