Canary - Mobile Digital Security In The Classroom

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Canary is an all-in-one mobile security system, which the teacher can simply plug-in in the classroom and control remotely from his or her mobile phone.

Canary allows the teacher to check-in to ensure the classroom is secure and pupils work and belongings are safe over weekends or the holidays.

Using the Canary app, which is free to download and use, the system delivers a secure live feed of HD video and audio straight to the teacher’s phone.

Up to a total of four responsible individuals, be they teachers, parents or school authorities, can have access to this feed via the app at any one time.

Canary is designed to detect activity when activated, sending alerts and updates that put the user fully in control of any situation and call the emergency services directly in-app when needed, or sound the in-built (90 decibel) alarm.
Features of Canary:

At just 152.4mm tall and 396g, Canary is a complete security system packed into a single device. With Canary you can:

  •  Watch live HD video with a 147-degree wide angle lens and automatic night vision
  • Monitor temperature, humidity and air quality
  • Sound the 90dB siren or contact police directly from the app
  • Syncs with your phone to auto-arm or disarm
  • Set it up in moments, and take it with you to other classrooms and schools

Our Test

We used Canary to monitor the office premises, giving access to several staff members who first downloaded the Canary app on their smartphones to watch live streaming from home at any time. The Canary doesn’t look like a security camera and it connected to the Wi-Fi network without issue.

The downloadable app let you control and monitor all aspects of the camera’s behaviour, including how it alerts you to motion as well as changes to the air quality of the room the camera is in (temperature, humidity and air quality).

There was also the ability to view recorded periods of recent activity. Any significant events could be bookmarked for quick reference, or the clips downloaded to keep.

Although Canary works right out of the box, it lacks an SD card slot for storing video - but there is a membership option, which gives 30-days of recorded video history, support and device warranty. Without a paid subscription videos are only stored only for 12 hours before they’re deleted.

During viewing there is option to sound a siren or call the emergency services (Canary automatically pulls in contacts for police, fire and EMS closest to your home, giving one touch access to the proper authorities).

We found the quality of the Canary HD video to be excellent, with very good night vision and a 147 degree wide-angle of view.

There were three modes of work:

Away Mode
This mode activates when all members of the household leave the home. All motion is recorded and notifications are sent at all times.

Home mode
When all members of the household are at home, the Canary goes into this mode. You can choose to have the Canary continue to record video when it senses motion but not send notifications, or you can set the Canary to Private, which switches the camera off entirely. This is indicated on the Canary itself with a yellow light.

Night mode
This is a scheduled mode, where between two set times the Canary will behave differently to Home mode. You can set it to send notifications and record motion even while you’re at home.

We used location-based tracking, where Canary checks your location and sends notifications of motion when you’re away.

Verdict: Overall, we found the Canary to be a very good bit of kit

Main Features:

  • Watch live or recorded HD videos day or night. Timeline for recent history of events. Save and bookmark favourite clips.
  • Intelligent notifications: recorded HD video of the event, as well as the option to watch live.
  • Automatic arming: Canary changes modes when you come and go. No complicated keypads or codes to remember.
  • Emergency Options: Respond to incidents directly from the Canary app. Trigger the 90 decibel siren, or be connected directly to your home’s local emergency responders.
  • Health: Canary monitors indoor air quality, temperature, and humidity.

Tech Specs:

1080p HD Camera 147° Wide-angle lens Automatic night vision Motion detection

3-axis accelerometer Ambient light Capacitive touch

Homehealth  Technology
Temperature Humidity Air quality

Audio & Siren
High-quality microphone Built-in speaker 90+ dB sirem

2.4 GHz Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) Wired Ethernet

Size & Weight
Height: 6 in (152.4 mm) Diameter: 3 in (76.2 mm) Weight: 0.87 lb (396 g)

100-240v power supply

Broadband internet connection (1 Mbps upload recommended) Wi-Fi or Ethernet Available power outlet iPhone 4s or newer Android 4.0 or newer

Privacy & Storage
Instant data encryption Bank-level security AES 256-bit encryption Secure data transfer (TLS/SSL) Secure cloud video storage Secure firewalls



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