Amendments - regulations on pupil and school information

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Public consultation on proposed amendments to the regulations on pupil and school information

The government has made a commitment to review and improve the statutory information which schools have to provide to parents. This consultation seeks views on the Government’s proposals for amendments to the ‘Education (Pupil information) (England) Regulations 2005. And the ‘Education (School Information) (England) Regulations 2008.

By 2012 the Government has made the commitment that all schools will be able to report on-line to parents on their children’s progress. They are also committed to the continued provision of Parent Support Advisors. The white paper ‘Your child, your schools, our future: building a 21st century school’ commits to introducing a Parent Guarantee and to strengthening existing primary legislation on Home School Agreements (HSAs).

‘Education (Pupil information) (England) Regulations 2005.
These regulations require schools to:

  • Keep and update their pupils’ curricular records
  • Ensure that parents can have access to their children’s educational records
  • Report at least annually on their pupils’ educational and curricular achievements
  • Provide a report to school leavers
  • Ensure that key information is transferred efficiently using the common transfer file (CTF)

Proposed amendments include:

  • Placing more emphasis on all parents receiving information and being treated equally unless there is a court order limiting an individual’s exercise of parental responsibility – it is proposed that there will be additional guidance to clarify the importance of the regulations applying to all parents
  • Providing additional guidance on recording information on parents ‘it is reasonable to expect schools to try to ensure that, where the information is available, they have adequate systems and processes in place to record parents’ contact details so that they can receive key information like the head teacher’s annual report.’
  • That there is a statutory requirement for the annual report to parents to include information on a child’s behaviour and that there should be greater emphasis on reporting good behaviour as well as negative behaviour
  • The requirement for schools to report to parents who it concerns on the planned year 7 progress checks
  • That parents should also be entitled to receive a hard copy of the annual report if they prefer
  • That Home School Agreements should be included in educational records and as part of the Common Transfer File.
  • That Home School Agreements should be renewed annually and personalized

‘Education (School information) (England) Regulations 2008.
These regulations currently require:

  • LAs and schools to make specified information available on schools in the local area through school and LA prospectuses
  • Currently schools are only required to set out a school’s SEN policy along with any additional information that the governing body wishes to include

Proposed amendments include:

  • Increasing the amount of information to be included in the schools prospectus including:
    • The school’s name, address, telephone number, website address and a general email address
    • The name of the school’s headteacher and the chair of the governing body
    • A statement of the school’s ethos and values
    • An explanation of any accredited status
    • Details of any religious affiliations and its religious education policy
    • Summaries of all key policies and strategies including anti-bullying and pupil safety and wellbeing, attendance, early years, behaviour, race equality, diversity or general equalities policy, curriculum/teaching and learning including monitoring pupil progress, SEN and disability equality schemes and accessibility plans, gifted and talented, information and guidance for young people, physical education and healthy schools, parental support and engagement, pupil voice, extended services, school uniforms, the complaints procedure, support for looked after children
    • Clear signposting for parents who would like more detailed information on any policies and strategies
    • Information as to where and by what means parents may access additional general information
  • A requirement for schools to routinely consult with parents over the review of the prospectus
  • A requirement for the local authority composite prospectus to include non-admission information on each school in the area
  • Added requirements for what should be included on school websites for example that parents should be able to download the school prospectus and some policies
  • That schools need no longer publish the school prospectus for parents in hard copy as a matter of routine but can just provide it on request
  • That schools need no longer publish the complete the SEN and disability report

The proposal for enhanced information in the school prospectus is designed to complement the new report card. The new report card will include information currently presented in Achievement and attainment tables.