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School Leadership Today  6 updates per year 
School Leadership Today is the most authoritative and independent publication for school leaders. 

Leadership Briefing 
Linked to School Leadership Today is Leadership Briefing, a weekly summary of government reports, new education research and legal developments, providing you with links to original source documents to download or view on screen if available. All emailed to you weekly so you can stay informed and save time.

Creative Teaching & Learning  4 issues per year
Creative Teaching & Learning has been now recognised as the most cutting edge curriculum magazine in the country. The magazine investigates how the curriculum can be remodelled and explores how thinking skills approaches can be embedded within subject and project-based teaching.

Every Child Journal & Every Child Update  12 updates per year
Every Child Journal uniquely provides solutions across the education, health and care sectors, to help professionals improve the life chances of vulnerable children. The journal will be your professional handbook, informing, updating and developing school and agency leadership as it implements the Government’s ‘Children’s Plan’ and responds creatively to the 21st Century Schools White Paper. 

Every Child Update
Every Child Update is an additional service to Every Child Journal. It is a monthly e-bulletin which is emailed direct to your inbox, providing extra information such as legal briefings, official report summaries and research findings, training programmes and courses.

Professional Development Today  3 issues per year
Focusing on good practice, research and staff development, in the pages of Professional Development Today you will read the latest thinking of writers in professional development who are of world class calibre as well as testimonies from practitioners who make it happen in their schools. This combination of grounded practice, challenging critique and research insights make Professional Development Today the journal to support professional learning for your practitioners.

Learning Spaces 4 updates per year.
Learning Spaces magazine looks at how schools are attempting to improve their environments for learning. Using exciting case studies of new and refurbished schools it looks at the most creative attempts to match design with new developments in teaching and learning.  A key mission of the magazine is to give school staff and pupils – the users – more say over design and development.  There is a strong emphasis on maintenance, refurbishment and managing the Primary Capital programmes. The magazine offers critical advice on what designs work best for learning, buying products and materials, as well as legal and technical advice.The CD and online format enables the magazine to explore the use of video and photographs and new design ideas.

e–learning Update 9 updates per year
The list of requirements for schools regarding the utilisation of technology gets longer each year:  VLE’s, web based learning, white boards, video-conferencing, online assessment and mobile learning. e-Learning Update helps school leaders and  teachers understand the issues, products, problems and the possibilities associated with new technology in schools. Crucially, we believe the technology has to be at the service of teachers not the other way round. For an educational view of the way to deploy ICT you need e-Learning Update.

To create a truly professional learning community in your school every leader and teacher should have access to the information they need to develop the knowledge and skills for their role. If you purchase our unique Professional Learning Community online package of magazines, journals and e-newsletters it will give all your staff access to this information and skills base, be they classroom teachers (who are themselves leaders of learning, and managers of TA’s), curriculum leaders, heads of year, departmental heads or members of the school leadership team. We will assign you a school membership code which will allow all your teachers unlimited access to the publications and newsletters as they are posted, without having to bother with login and passwords.

The Archives – thousands of professional development articles 
If you have the online Professional Learning Community package this will entitle all your teachers access to the vast libraries of articles on every aspect of school and curriculum leadership. It’s the equivalent of creating overnight the most excellent CPD staff library you could wish for.
It includes over 1,000 articles on school leadership: over 500 on how to use thinking skills and develop creativity in your classroom, hundreds on how to develop staff in your school and the same on school design and refurbishment.

Themed Knowledge Banks
Within the library your staff will in the future be able to access special themed collections of articles by renowned experts. These include:
  • School Improvement by Professor David Hopkins
  • Learner Driven Learning by Chris Watkins
  • Coaching and Mentoring by Richard Churches
  • School Fundraising by David Poppitt
  • What really works in CPD by Sara Bubb & Peter Earley
  • Managing Ofsted by Suzanne O’Connell
  • The Best in School Design edited by Valerie Bragg
  • Developing Thinking Skills through Art, Science, Maths & History
Leadership Resources
Managers Briefcase – Information and Practical Leadership Resources

In the archive there is a vast array of pre-developed proformas, questionnaires, implementation guides and policy documents so that you do not have to re-invent the wheel in your school. It’s a highly acclaimed resource currently used by thousands of school leaders. Some Briefcase entries:
  • Complaints procedures
  • Confiscation policy
  • Confiscation records
  • Safeguarding training guide
  • Every Child Matters Checklist
  • Safer recruitment
  • Learning outside the classroom
  • Information Literacy Policy
  • Tracking and Monitoring Pupil Progres


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