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With Professor Guy Claxton, Co-director, Centre for Real World Learning, University of Winchester

Would you like to spend a day sharing experience and ideas with staff from some of the most innovative and successful schools in the country?

Landau Forte College is hosting an outward-looking professional development conference for its staff, bringing them together with staff from many schools across the country who are united by a passion for enhancing their students’ powers as learners.

The day combines a keynote presentation from Professor Guy Claxton with a wide range of in-depth, workshop-style seminars led by teachers — some from Landau Forte College and several from other schools.

Guy Claxton’s ideas on learning power offer fresh and inspiring insights into how our schools can prepare students for a lifetime of learning, by building their capacity to learn in many contexts — and why schools should aim to do this.

The seminars provide examples of how this way of thinking and planning has been carried through to classroom, and wider, practice. They cover ways of infusing learning power into the teaching of science, MFL, and humanities; and learning power’s relationship to broader themes including outdoor education, creativity, student voice, starting a new school with learning at its heart, and more.

By opening their development day to anybody interested in these vital ideas, the
College expects that everyone will benefit from the range of enthusiasm and experience present. The day aims to provoke us all to consider practical ways in which we can orient the school culture and environment towards growing our students’ capacity for wider learning (and, by the way, expect the results to go up).

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