Every Child Journal

Every Child Journal

Securing a future for vulnerable children.

Safeguarding, Learning Difficulties, Complex Needs, Conditions, Health and Well Being, Care Strategies, Inter-agency working, Parenting, Research, Problem recognition and remediation strategies for professionals in education, care and health.

A practice journal for professionals seeking to improve the life-outcomes of disadvantaged children.
ISSN: 2041-0840
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The Mission

Of course all children deserve a fair and equal chance in life. Everyone would subscribe to that. The trouble is, they often don’t get it. Aspirations may be high, policies well-intentioned, but to those professionals working on the ground delivering services to meet the needs of disadvantaged children on a shoestring, the gap between the ambitions we have for all children and the practicalities of delivering it has never seemed so daunting.

Yet there is good practice out there which joins up services, which identifies the problems that children face before they reach crisis point. And, of course, there are dismal failings.

Every Child Journal is an e-magazine which explores these territories, sharing best practice, new policy making and research. We highlight evidence-based practice, new trends to help professionals find their way in a rapidly changing world.

Some of the themes have been around for a while – interagency working is still a major challenge. Safeguarding in school, managing behaviour, community schools and free schools are all rich areas for understanding. How is neuroscience helping our understanding of children’s development? Can pastoral care provide the bridge between education and build up the sense of self children need in order to make the most of their lives?

Every Child Journal with Every Child Update responds to these issues. Together they provide:

  • Advice on recognising learning, care and physical problems and conditions
  • Evidence of effective interventions
  • Co-operative good practice between agencies
  • Legal and practice advice on as information sharing and safeguarding
  • Research that can help professionals support individual children at risk.

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